Sensors refrigeration

On this page your find the information of the electronic devices , we have in our Program.  Do you need support , have any questions of remarks  , simple  contact us .

Which  safety pressure relief valve was started to open of leaking first .  One of the most difficult question to answer fora refrigeration engineer.  

Please look at this detection sensor : the STG .  a direct leak will direct detected. no more change or renew of all pressure reliëf valves 

Linear Postion indicators ( LPI) of part load sensors are today used in almost ever  screw compressor. The devices can be calibrated to a working distance, where the min position will be indicated with 4 mA and the max distance position  with 20 mA .

By auto Vi compressors a linear Position Indicator can also be used to indicate the Vi. 

We support costumers with questions as supply linear position indicator for a wide range , even not only in refrigeration industry 

The  linear position indicators are useful in many situations , even in EX area’s  

To have indicaton of the level of many different devices can be used – We offer several types, which have proven itself over the years