What we do

RM-Support has long term  experience  in overhaul, technical support , parts and support in refrigeration compressor & equipment more then 30 years 

Today we sharing our Knowledge with our network and the next generaton refrigeration specialists  by:

  • consult
  • training
  • modifications
  • parts supply
  • providing the answers to our Questions to support you.

In our consulting:

  •  We provide answers to the questions, which show during overhaul or damage . the big Why Question. 
  • We help to recognize for instance: indications of De-gassing of the lubrication oil – created local hotspots. 
  • We provide solutions & support. 

In  our training :

  • We support your engineers to find indication of stand wear and wear , which require attention.
  • How to create a inspection report with attention points.
  •  The training is interactive by distance.
  • based on 3 compressors overhaul  and full reports


parts – supply:

  • all Brands 
  • due international network – availability 

Looking for a pre-own or new industrial, production  equipment, materials & tools ? Check our broker site : www.interses.eu 

Shaft seals: always a interesting topic- are you interested to learn more?  

  • recognize the damage 
  • finding solutions to avoid shaft seal damage
  • looking for special shaft seal or interested in heat reducing ones of Coldores? 

Check the website : www.coldores.nl 

SRM compressor and and units 

  • Complete compressor line  
  • Compressor packages produced in China.
  • Ice machines, condensors 

Check the website : www.srmbenelux.nl 


 Looking for a way to protect the enviroment  : Spill prevention system 

  • for oil and chemicals 
  • easy to install .
  • collect 300 ltr oil pro sheet. 
  • European production  

 Looking materials after an oil  or chemical spill ? check spill response materials 

Interesting Products are the response products of modified basalt fibers– Basalt is a interesting stone,  the fibers are absorbent, light and very effective. 1 Gram fibers are absorbing 50 gram of oil – Basic there are  three version : for oil , universal or chemical . The liquids are through pressing to re-capture for 80% from the absorbent .  The fibers are available  as granulate or as easy products ;  PillowsSocks, Booms and Mats

Also there are complete spil response products as sets available  as stationary of  portable version. Compact and light.