Piston compressor units

RM Reprocating Compressor units are usually based on a fixed drive speed, except for small compressors. Each unit is suited with an automatic oil / refrigerant detection- and oil return system, it is easy for the maintenance and it suits every budget.

Components of the RM reciprocal compressor unit

  1. ColdoresĀ® shaft seal
  2. Capacity control is achieved by use of RM Flex Drive, (not for every brand)
  3. RM T71- 3 stage vertical oil separator, including external heat generation
  4. Automatic oil detection system
  5. E-motor
  6. Compensation system - unique way of varying the internal volume ratio to match the system pressure ratio, eliminating the power penalty associated with over- or under-compression.

We build units on the following reciprocal compressors: Grasso, Sabroe, Kiloskar, Mycom

RM Reciprocal Compressor Units are engineered and manufactured to meet the exact requirements of the industrial refrigeration industry.

All components assure reliability, accessibility and effectiveness. Units are shipped completely assembled.

We guarantee maximum reliability and efficiency
- Safety
- Easy maintenance
- Option to trade in your existing compressor units.

RM Support also builds rotary screw compressor units 

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