Compressor Unit Building

RM-Support provides compressor units based on new or remanufactured compressor that fits every budget.

We can also provide the modification of existing compressor units to provide a second life for your machine. RM-Support introduces the Flex-drive compressor unit with the capacity controlled by the drive speed. What is unique in the flex-drive concept is the compensation arrangement that assures the best performance at all times. We offer the possibility for users to trade in their overstock capital equipment, like i.e. compressors, freezers, etc.

Flex-drive concept is the energy and operational costs saving solution for screw compressors unit. The capacity increase by increasing the drive speed from 3000 rpm to 3600 rpm.The slide valve will be blocked and therefore less maintenance costs is required due to less movable parts.The Flex drive compressor units are suited with a compensation system to optimise the oil recovery system. 


Less parts means more flexibility in the same unit. The RM-flex drive concept is availiable for:

  • New  screw compressor units
  • Exisiting  screw compressor units
  • Remanufactured screw compressor units (used)

The RM-units (new and remanufactured) will be delivered with warranty or an option to close a service contract, complete with FR-drive and including start-up service.Existing units can be traded-in.

 screw-unit     piston_unit


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