Overhaul of screw & reciprocating compressors

Key facts of a RM-Support overhaul:

RM Support has experience of more than 20 years in overhauling screw- and reciprocating compressors. We never accept any damages without researching what was the factor causing it. We do not limit ourselves to simple repairs - we always present inspection reports to our customers with all explanations about damage and cause of it, information about work that has been done and recommendations that can help avoid machine failures in the future.

We invest time and effort into investigating why some damages occur after retrofit and why sometimes shaft seals do not have long operation time. Our consulting departament can research and provide explanations for relations between oil, refrigerant and the design of the compressor unit.

RM Support has worldwide experience in all brands of compressors and that makes our service one of a kind. 

Special service  by overhaul:

  • Repair of suction casings
  • Standard test of straightness of the rotor and repair if necessary
  • Repair and modification of slide valve area
  • Modification by VSD driven versions
  • Modification by retrofit

Additional service:

  • Demounting and instalaltion of compressor blocks
  • Start-up – alignment service
  • Transport 
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