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Refrigeration Compressors Support

RM Support specializes in the design, production and maintenance of industrial refrigeration compressors and compressor units. Do you want to reduce operational costs of your system or increase capacity of your existing compressors at a low cost? Thanks to our years of experience we can offer reliable and complete solutions that suit every budget! 

We supply the following products and services:


  • Piston and screw compressors
  • Oil pumps.


  • Piston and screw compressors (new and used), Mycom, Grasso, Frick, D / B, FRS, GEA, Sullair Howden ,Grasso, Hall, Gram and Sabroe
  • Spare parts, including for compressors which are out of production
  • Refrigeration compressor oils - heat transfer oil additives
  • Complete RM units based on piston and screw compressors
  • Innovative products of our own design
  • Oil pumps and spare parts.


  • Troubleshooting 
  • Damage explanation
  • Maintenance advice
  • Research for manufactures, service contractors and users.
  • Training for your staff regarding the prevention of damage, troubleshooting and information on new developments in refrigeration
  • Energy saving and environment friendly solutions
  • Seminars  2013-2014 on following subjects:

 - refrigeration oil 
 - retrofit 
 - the effects on your unit
 - Impact of VSD on the compressor unit and maintenance by piston and screw compressors.
 - Coldores shaft seal

Unit building:

  • Parts for unit building
  • Depth filtration systems
  • Complete compressor units.

Special offers:

compressor units

Compressors  units

Special equipment