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23 December 2010

Saying good bye to the Shell Clavus 68 oil

Have you heard that Shell is reducing its selection of refrigeration oils and Shell Clavus 68 will be no longer available? In the past, Shell has offered eight types of refrigeration oils, but now the selection will be reduced to only three products.


Shell Clavus Oil S 68 was specifically designed to meet the demands of rotary screw compressors used in commercial ammonia refrigeration systems.

High quality lubricants protect compressor parts from unnecessary wear due to friction.


Most compressor units have been designed to be compatible with with Shell Clavus 68 and adapted to thrive from its properties.


Optimizing a machine for use with a specific oil is essential because it prevents deficient lubrication, which can lead to dry running and consequential damage of the shaft seal or bearings. When such damage occurs, you are forced to stop production.


Since Clavus 68 will be no longer available, you will need to use a different oil.  My personal advice to you: examine the compressor unit and add necessary adjustments; otherwise you might expose your machine to needless risk.


If you notice small signs, such as unfamiliar wear on bearings, oil carryover (difference between similar compressor sets), e-motor bearing failure after 3-4 years, or shaft seal failure on your oil pump/compressor within 4-5 years, it may be the result of a machine that has not been properly adjusted for compatibility with the new oil.

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