21 February 2017

New development

As a Fan of Twin rotor Compressors I love new developments. The last 6 months I have noticed nice developments on the market, I pleased me to see that new innovations coming into the market.

My old relation Howden Compressor LTD in Glasgow developed a very big oil injected twin compressor of Howden Compressor LTD , with rotors of 58 cm in diameter. Mr. David Reid promised me a nice movie of the noise of this kind of equipment. I feel that these developments make my Howden heart happy as aftersales manager of Howden Ambergen the Netherlands, later Special Engineered Systems. In our time oil injected Howden WRV321 with 32 cm Rotors was big. Imaging today: rotors of twice the side of the biggest compressor in our mind.

Howden Compressor Compressors LTD was one of the first compressor manufactures, receives a license to produce Rotors of the Svenska Rotor Maskiner AB (SRM) in 1946. Today SRM, the developer of the twin screw proceed licenses to all major leading compressor manufactures.
Short list of well- know market leaders with a license:

  • Howden compressors LTD (1946)
  • Aerzener Maschinenfabrik (1950)
  • Kobe Steel (1955)
  • GHH (1957) 
  • Stal refrigeration (1960) 
  • Hartford Compressors (1965)
  • CKD (1965)
  • Sullair (1965) 
  • Hitachi (1965) 
  • Mayekawa (Mycom) (1966)
  • KAB (1972)
  • Sabroe (1965) 
  • Frick/York (1980)
  • Trane (1980)
  • Thermo king (1987)
  • Grasso (1987)
  • Carrier (1987)
  • Gram (1988)
  • Vilter (1989) 
  • Kirloskar (2001)

Some Months ago I was wondering who is:

I noticed a new compressor manufacturer on the Market SRMtec.

My interest was wakening by the strong construction and it looks very familiar to me, like it call my name Martin, check me out.

I did, it seems the compressors were developed by SRM in Sweden. However on the package was the name of a Chinese company Fuijan Snowman International. I was looking at a heat pump manufactured by a Chinese unknown manufacture to me with a SRMtec compressor SRH18 on top. Second what I realized was the all parts look familiar, the controller was Siemens S7, E-motor and oil cooler of familiar brands. This is not what I expected from a Chinese manufacture, in fact some details were well designed, some European producers could take these details as a subject in there toolbox meetings.

More details:

The compressor unit is NH3 operated.

operation of frequency drive  
Heating capacity Q max= 1,2 MW 
Evaporating T= 26°C 
condensing T: 72°C
heating water T: 70°C
all with a COP of 3.8.

The compressor involved is a SRH18 high –pressure compressor up to 63 bar, 6/8- I – profile rotors which lead to stable operation, high efficiency and very low demand for oil. The bearing construction is interesting; I hope to gather more information soon regarding the bearing construction and sealing.

After my investigation, I heard that the SRM is a Subsidiary of the Fujian Snowman since 2014.

In that case: Welcome on the refrigeration market, basic old knowledge and well known quality in a new unexpected way presented. Besides already available on Europe.

Best regards

Martin Wierbosch